The Blogging Bug

I believe I’ve caught a virus going around the Internet — the blogging bug.  In the midst of all the other things happening in my life and ministry, I sense a strong urge to communicate and to share thoughts and reflections for others to read if they so desire.  It may or may not be God’s leading — I’m not sure at this point. I do know there are life lessons I am learning every day that may be of benefit to others.  There are things God is doing in my life’s journey in regards to my self , my family, my church and my missions outreach that should be put into words for others to read.

I’ve already reserved a domain name for the blog and have some space reserved for a blog site, but am not sure how many people would actually read it right now.  I’m also not very talented in working with the WordPress interface — it will just take some time to master it!  So for now, I’ll share here so that the large number of Facebook friends with whom I have been blessed can read.

Well, this entry needs to end so I can go to the gym with my lovely wife Jeannie.  I love the feeling after a workout, of having pushed my body hard and then being able to enjoy the rest of the day knowing I’ve taken better care of the temple!

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