Russian Mission Trip Journal — Day One

The flight across the Atlantic has been a smooth one.  Presently we are just two hours from landing in Moscow.  I’ve managed to get some sleep, thanks to the good Lord and a small tablet of Ambien.  The sun is up again now — it has been a short night due to flying east.

Amazon Kindles are super for traveling.

Father, I’m praying for when we meet with our Russian friends in a couple of hours — may we all be deeply encouraged and strengthened by one another’s company.   Give us a safe journey through the Moscow airport.  Despite all my faith in You, the recent bombing at Domodedovo is still in the back of my mind.  I also ask that You will grant a safe drive to Ryazan — I’m all too familiar with Russian traffic!  As we get together with our Russian friends, help us to overcome the language barrier between us.  We’ll have at least one translator, but a translator can only do so much.  Through the few Russian phrases we do know, and through the use of gestures and motions, may we interact directly with one another in a way that glorifies You and that strengthens each of us.  When we do have translators with us, may we make the best possible use of them for conversation.  Preaching or teaching with a translator is fairly simple, but having a one-on-one conversation is much more of a mental challenge.

Father, I pray as a part of this trip that more mission partnerships will be formed between the WVBC congregations and Baptist congregations in the Ryazan oblast.  May the time and money invested in travel and teaching not just be a “one shot deal” — may we sow the seeds of ongoing relationships between West Virginia Baptist and Russian Baptist churches.  May others in the churches represented by our team, and members of churches not represented, get involved in what You are doing to bless and inspire all of us.

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