Russia Mission Trip Journal – Day Seven

Today we arose early and drove east to Kasimov. Kasimov is a beautiful, old city in which the Baptist congregation meets in a small home. Pastor Alexi took a few minutes away from his job and talked with us about his ministry and the challenges he faces. We prayed with him before leaving. This city would be a prime place for one or two missionaries to be sent from another part of the Ryazan oblast. Alexi is faithful to his ministry, but he desperately needs more workers.

We left from Kasimov and headed south towards Shatsk.  Shatsk has been partnering with Mount Vernon Baptist Church for several years now.  The fruits of the partnership are evident in the number of the people and the good condition of the facility.  On behalf of Mount Vernon, I presented gifts to Deacon Vloyda and his wife Valentia.  The church is currently without a pastor, but it appears as if Vloyda will be ordained to fill that spot.  After enjoying a good meal and time of fellowship with church members, the team began our third and final evangelism training seminar.  The attendance here was the best of the three, and the participation was strong as well.  The church offered us more food after the training, but the time was getting late and we had a long trip ahead of us.  We ate quickly then made the long drive back to Ryazan.  On this particular leg of the trip the team had one of our best times of fellowship — we talked, laughed, and sang together.  It was late when we arrived in Ryazan, but the day has been well spent.

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