The Winter Comeback Plan

The cast is off the ankle, and I’m able to walk without a limp.  The break is healing well, and I’m definitely on the road to recovery. For the past two weeks I’ve been trying to run, but have been uncertain as to how hard I should push myself.  The last thing I want is to have a relapse.  So far I’ve been doing well, running five miles last Friday just a little slower than my usual time.  The ankle was sore afterwards however, so I was concerned about exactly how I should resume running.  I contacted my running coach, Matt Young, and he graciously provided me with a comeback plan that began today.

The plan covers eight weeks, with running times gradually increasing each week.  Monday and Wednesday of this week I do four repetitions of five minutes running, two minutes walking.  On Saturday I do five reps of the same times.  Next week the intervals increase to four reps of seven minutes running, two minutes walking, with five reps on Saturday.  By the end of the plan, I’ll be running for an hour, then racing in the 10K winter series in early February.  Matt helped me reach 14 miles of non-stop running in the marathon training, a distance I had never achieved in my life.  I have confidence in his gradual, conservative comeback plan.  Even though the cast is off the ankle and I can run, there is only so much I should run until the healing is complete.

On the days I’m not running, I’ll be doing cardiovascular cross-training on the elliptical trainer or the stationary bike.  Fridays and Sundays will be rest days, with the exception of the two winter series Sunday afternoon races in January and February.  My goal for the coming year is to complete a full marathon, barring any more freak accidents!

Someone may think, “Why in the world do you want to do all this stuff?”  The answer is because I enjoy it!  It keeps me in shape, and I especially savor the worship time on the long runs.

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