You May Be Inspiring Someone and Not Even Know It …


This morning at the beginning of my run I had a few negative thoughts — “Why I am running so much? Do I really want to be training for a marathon? Do I really want to be this much into any one activity?”

While running, I saw a middle-aged man I often see on the course, walking slowly to the bus stop. I said “good morning” to him as I always do. He was smoking a cigarette, and he returned my greeting. A bit later, after I had gone around a loop on my route, I had to stop on the side of the road alongside him and wait for a break in the traffic before crossing. I thought, “Great, more second-hand smoke!”

When I started to cross, he said, “Wait just a second.”

I said, “Yes?”

He said, “How OLD are you?”

(I thought, “How OLD do I look?”)


“Well, I’ve been watching you run every morning. You’re REALLY good.”


“Well, I used to be able to run 3 miles.”

“You just have to work at it and train.”

“Well, you’re really good.”

“Thanks. Have a great day!”

It’s amazing how just a brief, unexpected conversation like that one can breath new life into a training schedule. Maybe he’ll be motivated to stop smoking and get into better shape! This OLD guy may have inspired him, and that’s a very good thing. You may be inspiring someone as well.

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