A Pastor’s Ideas for a Church Snow Day



“All church activities have been cancelled.” Today this message is common place. There’s over a foot of snow outside and the temperature is 6 but feels like -2. Even though the roads are better than yesterday, the safest choice for everyone is just to stay home. So what can you do for yourself and your family spiritually? Here are a few ideas to keep your relationship with Jesus healthy while you’re home bound.

  • Pray. Turn off the TV, get away from the computer, and just spend some quality time with God. Do it together as a family or couple, or do it alone, but just pray. Praise God for who He is, confess the areas in your life where you need to grow, thank Him for all his blessings, and mention the needs of others. Then listen.
  • Read your Bible. “The Bible’s a big book, so where do I start?” Try 1 John, the Gospel of John, or Psalm 23. You may have some other favorite passages, and its always good to review. Read alone, or read with your family. Then pray afterwards.
  • Make a phone call. Check on an elderly person or couple. Just talk and listen. Let them know you love them. If there’s anything they need, do your best to provide it.
  • Take a walk. When the temperatures rise later in the day, take a walk through your neighborhood. You’ll likely see people you don’t normally see, because they’re dealing with same weather challenges as you. Greet them, and take a few minutes to get to know them better. The exercise will also do you good. Just be careful of the ice patches!
  • Lend a hand. If you’re able, help a neighbor who’s shoveling a driveway, clearing a sidewalk, or uncovering a car. It’s a great, practical way to show the love of Jesus.
  • Write the offering check. It’s a common practice to skip giving on a Sunday when services are cancelled, but the expenses of ministry continue. So before the day is over, write a check for the donation you’d normally put in the offering plate, place it in a stamped envelope, and have it ready to mail to the church office tomorrow.
  • Celebrate, don’t commiserate. Though your routine is disrupted and there are things you can’t do, there are many things you can do and thoroughly enjoy. So have fun on this Sunday snow day! Then eagerly anticipate when you can gather with God’s people once again.

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